Creative Condiments | Delectable Dukkahs | Preserved Lemons

Spice Girlz is a nationally known, family owned, South Australian condiment company that produce a range of gluten free, vegan, all-natural condiments, dukkahs and preserved lemons. The uniqueness and success of the Spice Girlz range projects from the many uses the condiments have to offer, as they transform into delicious cooking sauces, dips, marinades, pizza bases or simple flavour enhancers. Spice Girlz have been producing delicious condiments, dukkahs and preserved lemons in South Australia for over 13 years, 

Spice Girlz products can be found in many leading gourmet food stores, wineries, independent grocery stores, Fruit and Vegetables shops, local cafes Foodland stores, Romeos, Drakes, and IGAs, throughout SA.

Spice Girlz Products include: Cor Blimey, Hakuna Matata, Jamato, Moroccan Jam, Preserved Organic Lemons, Saucy Tomato, Zulu-Lu, Dukkah Range, plus a small range of infused olive oils, please contact us for more information.

T: 0415 265 320

Spice Girlz Gourmet